As mensagens sobre drogas do rap: como sobreviver na periferia / Messages about drugs from rap: how to survive in the periferia




This work takes as object the messages about drugs in the rap lyrics. It understands that rap is a kind of music that is part of a bigger cultural movement – the hip hop – that diffuses a social vision of world mainly in the peripheries of the big cities of the country. It had as objective to analyze the messages about drugs of the rap lyrics from the representative and influential groups among the youths living in the periphery of São Paulo. The Discourse Analysis was used as a methodology. Eleven lyrics of nine groups of rap were taken as a sample. The outstanding theme in the lyrics is the life in the periphery that is portrayed by the traffic and the consume of drugs, by the violence and discrimination faced by the youths. The problem of the consumption of drugs is understood by some groups in the structural scope - as consequence of the capitalism - and by others in the private scope – by the individual characteristics, by family and friends influence. The proposals of the rap are to confront and to overcome those problems are to empower and to hold the subject responsible, that through a personal effort, would not be involved with traffic and consumption of drugs considered risky and potentially destructive as crack and cocaine. The empowerment of family, friends and education they are also listed as exits for the resulting problems of the drugs involvement. Therefore, the rap proposals rely strongly in the individual, invoking a discourse that beyond the denounce of the situation of the periphery youths, it proposes to develop protection mechanisms to create an alternative of “possible life” - of socialization with violence, traffic and drug consumption. Such identification tactics has the purpose of guarantee the survival of the youths in the periphery


drugs rap marginal areas rap periferia consumo de drogas

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