As equações da onda imagem para remigração em meios elipticamente anisotropicos / The image wave equations for remigration in elliptically anisotropic media




The image-wave equations for the problems of depth and time remigration in elliptically anisotropic media are second-order partial differential equations similar to the acoustic wave equation. The propagation variable is the vertical velocity or the medium ellipticity. These differential equations are derived from the kinematic properties of anisotropic remigration. The objective is to enable the construction of subsurface images that correspond to different vertical velocity and/or different degrees of medium anisotropy directly from a single migrated image. In this way, ?anisotropy panels? can be obtained in a completely analogous way to velocity panels for a migration velocity analysis. A simple numerical example demonstrates the validity of the theory


diferenças finitas ondas sismicas finite difference numerical analysis analise numerica seismic wave

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