As diferentes dimensões da sustentabilidade em uma organização da sociedade civil brasileira: o caso do GAPABahia.




What is sustainability? How does one deal with the issue of sustainability in the field of a civil society organization (CSO), within the Brazilian context? This present dissertation, developed in the Academic Masters Program of Administration at the Federal University of Bahia, entitled Different dimensions of sustainability in a Brazilian civil society organization: the case of Gapa-Bahia, discusses the question of sustainability of the AIDS Prevention Support Group of Bahia (Gapa-Bahia), starting from the principle that the sustainability of this Organization is a complex and multidimensional phenomenon. Working along parallel lines with induction and deduction rationale, the whole time this survey sought to cause a dialog between the reality of the Gapa-Ba Organization and the theory related to the field of CSOs and the contemporary constructions of the concept of sustainability. The tearing down of the notion of associated, traditional and almost exclusive sustainability was necessary to arrive at the economical-financial dimension, in order to rebuild the concept, through the analysis of Gapa-Ba. During this journey, the life and soul of Gapa-Ba were brought to light by way of the different dimensions of its sustainability, which are: technical, cognitive, economical, social and political.


sustainable development aidis gapa-bahia economia dos programas de bem-estar social organizational development sustentabilidade organizações não-governamentais. desenvolvimento organizacional civil society organizations gapa non-governmental organizations aids organizações da sociedade civil sustainability bahia desenvolvimento sustentável

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