As contribuições da auto-avaliação institucional para a escola de educação básica :uma experiência de gestão democrática




The present work of dissertation has as study subject the politics of institutional assessment. It analyzes the contributions of institutional self-evaluation for the school management having as purpose the improvement of the primary education institution. The problem that guides the research is: What are the contributions the institutional self-evaluation can present for the primary education management? The general objective defines in analyzing the possibilities that the institutional self-evaluation can bring for the school management of primary education. The research develops in a qualified aspect, having as methodological guiding the search-action. The field researched was carried through a primary education institution, involving students - parents and workers of the school. The thought about the theoretical aspects is presented in three chapters. The first chapter brings questions that guide the democratic school management, on the bases of Libâneo (2004), Morin (2000) e (2001), Luck (2006). The second chapter approaches the aspects that define the educational politics project while argument to the primary education schools management, having as base Veiga (2003) e (2004), Cavagnari (2003), Gadotti (2001). The third chapter presents thoughts about the institutional evaluation while guided to the school management taking decision on the basis of Dias Sobrinho (2003) e (2005), Fernandes (2002), Eyng (2002), (2003) e (2004). Trying to analyse a self-evaluation proposal at the primary education school, in search of the school agents participation, during the construction process, application, personal details analyse and decision taken. This process allowed to verify the arguments that the institutional self-evaluation brings to the primary education management, on the basis of the personal details raised by the involved agents during the investigation process, understanding that the institutional evaluation brings a lot of arguments to the primary education school management guiding the decision taken and bringing permanent benefits to the education institution.


school management and organization avaliação educacional education educacao ensino fundamental - avaliação educational evaluation escolas - organização e administração educação - dissertações fundamental education

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