| Arte _ hackeamento | : diferença, dissenso e reprogramabilidade tecnológica




This monograph considers a set of theoretical elements dedicated to the critical analysis of the confluences between contemporary art, politics and the collaborative development and appropriation of technologies. The subject treatment derives from the revision of some of its previous approaches achieved, mainly in the field of artistic production, aesthetics and communication studies. Moreover, the research includes two case studies that have been identified in Brazil: the MetaReciclagem net and the artist Milton Marques. Results presented unfold around hacking concept, adopted as a definition of any act of difference and dissidence production in technology and through technology. Following this perspective, aesthetic and ethical values are conjugated in the argumentation on the institution of art technological reprogrammability condition, brought about by its conceptual proposals, media hybridism and the usability of tools for recombination and transcoding supported by digital language. This hypertextuality is taken as a continuous process of heterogenetic subjectivation, arranged according to the conditions of participation, divergence and convergence in artistic contents (re)elaboration, as well as in operativity rules transformation of its register, access and processing procedures.


artes hackeamento dissidência hacking arte e tecnologia estética diferença art and technology aesthetics difference dissent

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