Arquitetura e integralidade em saúde: uma análise do sistema normativo para projetos de estabelecimentos assistenciais de saúde




This work deals with the analysis of the Resolução da Diretoria Colegiada n.o 50 (RDC-50), a legal device edited by the National Agency of Sanitary Vigilance, which proposal is the regulation of the building design of Health Assistance Facilities. The aim here is evaluate and discuss how far its prescriptions are able to guarantee the principles of the Brazilian Public Health System (SUS) stated by the Federal Constitution and other laws concerning health rights, to which the RDC-50 is subordinated to. Therefore, taking in account the relationship between of space and human beings and its important influence in the healing process, this study consider that architecture and its complex planning strategies has essential contribution in this process. Also, paying attention to the debates about integrality and humanization in health services, this study points out the progresses and drawbacks of RDC-50 in comparison with its predecessors, and covers hospital patterns in history as well as its dependence on different concepts of health. The low level in political engagement of people, the legitimacy of the representative system and the privilege given to particular interests, are claimed to explain the fails in RDC-50. This legal device has formal errors, which pose misunderstandings and vacuums that allow planners and executors much undesirable room for manoeuvre. Consequently, pressures to budget cuts come to suppress invaluable characters of the facilities. As far as content is concerned, the missing points are related mainly to the comfort, the well-being and the subjectivity of the patients, what implies the despising for their needs and the creation of inhospitable and degrading environments.


saúde ambiental integralidade da atenção à saúde normatização em saúde arquitetura de hospitais conforto ambiental e saúde arquitetura e urbanismo instituições de saúde - projetos e construção arquitetura hospitalar

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