Arquitetura de supervisão e controle de chão de fabrica baseada em componentes genericos




This work focuses on building architectures for shop fioar control, aiming at enhancing integration of shop fioor to the enterprise. Basic building blocks, called Generic Components, are developed. They can be combined to create control architectures. It is possible to define a building strategy, using the generic components and a project methodology, that shall be used in each specific industrial case. From successive applications of the technique, architectural pattems may emerge, making possible to compose libraries of shop floor?s partial models. The process of elaborating Generic Components and associated methodology, enforced reuse and modularity characteristics, to allow creating such libraries. One practical application, on "Plataforma Integrada de Pesquisa, Ensino e Formação em Automação - PIPEFA", that contains one assembly and disassembly cell, will be presented, illustrating the whole process of architecture development


sistemas flexiveis de fabricação automação sistemas de fabricação integrada por computador

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