Aproveitamento gastronômico de pescados oceânicos de ocorrência local em cardápios de restaurantes no litoral de Santa Catarina


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




Santa Catarina is one of the Brazilian states with high fish production. There are 139 cataloged fish species caught off the coast by the artisanal and industrial fisheries. The fish species most frequently caught are sardine (Sardinella brasiliensis), skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) and whitemouth croaker (Micropogonias furnieri). This study analyzes the gastronomic use of fish offered on the menus of restaurants located in the municipalities of Santa Catarina. The geographical demarcation covered twenty-one municipalities located in the coast of the State of Santa Catarina. The sampling type used in this study was the stratified proportional type. To identify the locations to be visited, simple random sampling was applied. For the data analysis, simple and relative frequency statistical methods were used, as well as statistical correlation of data. The results indicate that of the 139 fish species available for extractive fishing in the state, only 6% are used for gastronomic purposes by the restaurants surveyed. Also, among the eleven types of cooking methods used by the restaurants visited, two were more commonly cited: frying and grilling (usually on a hotplate or griddle). These were the two most common cooking methods both for the fish most frequently prepared, and for those not so frequently offered on the menus. It was also found that only 16% of the head chefs were graduates of gastronomy courses, and only 6% of the assistant chefs were qualified in this area


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