Aprendizagem organizacional: um estudo das empresas vencedoras na etapa nacional do prêmio FINEP de inovação tecnológica.




The aim of this dissertation is to identify the relationship between socialization, dissemination and codification processes and organizational learning, with specific reference to the innovation and individual learning of the companies that won the FINEP prize for technological innovation between 2000 and 2006. Despite the efforts of researchers and consultants over the past 40 years the theme of organizational learning remains a subject approached from various angles leading to conceptual and practical fragmentation. Therefore the issue of how to transfer individual learning into the organizational context for both academics and organizations is challenging new research. The 24 companies that won the FINEP prize for technological innovation between 2000 and 2006 and the set of employees involved in the product and process which led to the prize are the subject of this investigation. 18 companies were considered valid cases for organizational learning and only 12 for investigation into individual learning. The data was collected using questionnaires applied to company managers and other employees who were involved in the prize winning process. From their experiences they were asked to identify the learning processes involved. The results showed that the content learned by individuals from concrete innovation was related to the strategical and technical aspects of innovation, copyrights, personnel management, project management, market, regulations, certifications and quality, planning, production and materials, products and processes, techniques and specific equipment, tests and verification. On the other hand, the content learned by organizations included knowledge of new processes, knowledge of new products, dominating new production technologies, new knowledge and application of materials used by the company, new knowledge in testing and verifying, new knowledge about business, new testing and validation methods showing that organizational learning occurred. According to company managers, the content learned was socialized and disseminated, supporting the hypothesis that there is a positive association between socialization and organizational learning in the innovation processes focus, as well as between dissemination and organizational learning. With regards to codification of learned content, the hypothesis that there is a positive association between codification and organizational learning was not corroborated by the use of the correlation measurement. In addition, the analysis supported by descriptive statistics and the comparison of measurements of the variations of organizational learning, socialization, dissemination and codification tend to support the conclusion that there is a positive association between all the variables mentioned above.


innovation microprocessos de aprendizagem individual learning processes of learning aprendizagem individual aprendizagem organizacional administracao micro organizational learning inovação

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