Aprendizagem ativa em administração: um estudo da Aprendizagem Baseada em Problemas (PBL) na graduação


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




This study evaluates the use of the Problem-Based Learning method in the disciplines of the undergraduate degree in Business Administration. In order to answer the research problem and achieve the proposed objectives, an exploratory quantitative approach was used, of the survey type. The data was collected through questionnaires relating to facilitating and limiting factors, which were applied to 109 business administration students, after they had taken part in an innovative teaching-learning experiment, using the method under study (PBL). It was found that 77% of the students accepted the methodology, and these of these, 25% accepted it wholeheartedly, while 52% accepted it with some reservations. In the questionnaire relating to limiting factors in the learning process, it was found that only 26% of the students saw the method as too limiting. Students have different learning styles, and not all find it easy to play a more active and collaborative role during this process. Therefore, each group in which PBL is applied should be seen in isolation


aprendizagem baseada em problema administracao didática do ensino superior active learning teaching and learning problem-based learning aprendizagem ativa ensino-aprendizagem

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