Application of model weaving in model transformation in MDA. / Aplicação da técnica de tecelagem de modelos na transformação de modelos na MDA.




One of the main activities of the model-centric approaches of software development, as for example the Model Driven Architecture (MDA), is the process of model transformation. Usually, a preliminary step for model transformation is the mapping of source metamodel elements into target metamodel elements. This work presents an application of a technique for model mapping called model weaving. This technique allows the user to define the semantics of the links binding source metamodel elements and target metamodel elements. The semantics is defined through types associated to links. The work analyzes, through two experiments, some aspects of the generation of models transformation in the MDA framework, using a technique known as model weaving. The analysis, for comparison purposes, uses two techniques of model transformation specification: one using only a specification language for model transformation specification and another using model weaving. The analyzed aspects are: the reuse of pieces of code written in the language that generates the transformation of specifications and the reuse of design decisions in the mapping between two distinct metamodels.


transformação de modelos model mapping mapeamento de modelos model transformation model weaving tecelagem de modelos mda mda

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