Application of artificial neural networks in the study of Mozzarella cheese salting


Food Sci. Technol




Abstract A highly efficient tool that has stood out in data processing and treatment is Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs). Self-organized maps (SOM), which is a type of ANNs, are easy-to-view computational models that simulate information processing and knowledge acquisition. Applying this tool, we analyzed the behavior of the film formed on the mozzarella cheese surface when subjected to salting by immersion. In order to reduce the amount of NaCl in the food, KCl was used as a partial substitute in adequate amounts, without causing sensory changes in the cheese. The diffusion of salts in the brine is caused by the transfer of sodium and potassium ions, induced by concentration gradient of these salts inside and outside the food. The application of artificial neural networks proved to be an effective tool in the evaluation of the influence of the film on the diffusion process of Na+ and K+ ions, in the mozzarella cheese salting.

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