Application challenges for information and automation technologies in an underground mine in Brazil


REM, Int. Eng. J.




Abstract Organizations can establish a value-added sustainable strategy by increasing asset utilization. WLAN infrastructure in underground mines tends to be a consistent platform for reliability in data/information management, and assertive governance practices. It enables remote monitoring, registering and data transfer from a control room, avoiding unnecessary human exposure in risk zones while adding agility to operation and maintenance related processes. A series of challenges must be considered so that onboard electronic systems combined with information technology infrastructure can become part of the operational strategy. Leaders must effectively manage to adapt organizations to new standards. This study aims to discuss the challenges related to implement information and automation technologies in an underground mine in Brazil. Data collected in a base metals underground mine is the basis for utilization, reliability and productivity analysis of computerized drilling equipment operating under severe conditions. The study concludes that searching for state-of-the-art operational practices demands a cultural change in organizations, followed by a redefinition of peoples' roles and processes, so technology can provide full integration and be used as a management platform for decision-making.

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