Aplications of genetic and fuzzy metaheusistic in the ant colony system for the traveling salesman problem / Aplicações de meta-heuristica genetica e fuzzy no sistema de colonia de formigas para o problema do caixeiro viajante




Amongst the several existing heuristical and accurate techniques for the resolution of combinatorial problems, the population algorithms ant colony optimization and genetic have been detached due to their good performance. In special the ant colony algorithms are considered currently as one of the techniques most succeeded for the resolution of some combinatorial problems, amongst them the travelling salesman problem. In this work is presented a hybrid algorithm which works with the ant colony system and genetic metaheuristics jointly applied in the symmetric travelling salesman problem. Moreover, we presented a proposal for the ant algorithm when we have uncertainties associated to problem parameters. The results gotten with the methodology proposals present resulted satisfactory for all the used instances


fuzzy set theoy genetic algorithm algoritmo da formiga problema do caixeiro viajante ant algorithms traveling salesman problem algoritmos geneticos conjuntos difusos

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