Aplicações da tecnologia solar fotovoltaica no Estado do Piauí : barreiras e potencialidades / Applications of solar photovoltaic technology in the State of Piauí: barriers and potentials


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The availability of electric power can allow countless opportunities to humans; improving life quality and allowing one to improve oneself work. However, nowadays millions of people, in all continents, do not have access to this important and fundamental energy resource. In this context, the State of Piauí, Northeast Brazil, clearly presents high electric exclusion index, mainly in rural areas where much of the population live in small geographically dispersed locations. Paradoxically, this State has one of the biggest solar energy potential in Brazil, with radiation rates exceeding 18 MJ/m.dia. Against this background, the aim of this research is to identify the main barriers and potentials for an expanded use of solar photovoltaic technology in Piauí State. In order to better use this resource as a viable alternative for rural areas electrification, looking at the State energy shortage and its great solar energy potential. For this study, documentary and field researches were done, showing that many projects and initiatives materialize the use of photovoltaic systems in Piauí especially in rural areas. The found results revealed a large number of barriers that difficult this supplying technology diffusion and distribution in Piauí. However, the identified potentials indicate a path to follow: to use the regional great potential, in its several facets, in order to circumvent the found problems and difficulties. Therefore, this is a review of the current scenario of uses and applications of the solar photovoltaic energy in Piauí State, showing their main barriers and potentials, as well as suggestions for expanding their use and applications.


solar photovoltaic technology tecnologia solar fotovoltaica piauí eletrificação rural barreiras e potencialidades piauí state rural electrification barriers and potentials geracao da energia eletrica

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