Aplicação de controle estatístico de processo na empresa Metasa como uma ferramenta de competitividade




In the last years many areas in the productive section have experienced fast technologic progress and, this way, demanding even more specific tools to control and assess these processes. Significant improvement in the processes of quality characteristics measurements has been noted. Regarding the process control, in 1924, Walter Shewhart (1931) developed the statistic concept of control letters to processes which data are independent and normally distributed, supposition that must be understood to control letters construction. This article has the goal to show the process statistic control letters, in the painting sector of the Company Metasa, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, which process characteristic of industrial painting analyzed was the paint coat thickness. The data were collected taking into consideration, the sequences that form the paint application process (painting coating), searching to offer a sensible improvement in the quality levels of this sector, with the objective of reducing production costs. The results found are of great importance to the company, since limits of control were established that will allow monitor the processes. For the cases where the analysis, otherwise, diagnosed the process permanence out of control, the study of their variability causes was necessary.


control charts empresa controle estatístico de processo estudo de caso produção gráficos de controle statistical process control administração de empresas quality qualidade

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