Anthropometry determinants to asthma and atopy in Children: cohort scaala, Salvador-Ba. / Determinantes antropométricos da asma e atopia em crianças: coorte scaala, Salvador-Ba.




This study is about weight gain in children until two years of age and their nutritional conditions as to early exposures related to asthma and atopy. Children under three years of age, living in Salvador-BA, were studied, prospectively, from 1997 to 2007. Initially, in the present thesis, the association between weight gain in the first two years of life and the posterior nutritional condition presented by those children was studied. It was observed that children with weight gain classified as accelerated until the first two years of life presented almost five times greater overweight than those with normal weight gain. The fetal origin theory of diseases suggests that early factors could increase the risk of chronic illnesses in adults. Supported by this hypothesis, a study about the association between weight gain and the occurrence of wheezing in the latter 12 months, asthma, atopy and pulmonary function was initiated. Indications were found that slower weight gain during the first years of the childs life could be a protection factor against the occurrence of asthma. The relevance of this finding to public health is yet uncertain due to the small number of studies on this matter; besides, it is known that children with slow weight gain run the risk of adverse consequences, such as lower stature, behavior problems and delayed development. Children with slow weight gain until two years of age were also the ones who presented a lower prevalence of overweight. The analysis of the association between overweight and the outcomes related to asthma and atopy in this study corroborates the thesis that overweight is associated to asthma, positive skin prick test and pulmonary function, even after the adjustment made with the use of intervening variables knowingly associated to the asthma pathogen.


asma antropometria hipersensibilidade estado nutricional epidemiologia anthropometry hypersensitivity asthma nutritional condition

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