Anthropometry Applied in Dimensioning an Earth Auger


Floresta Ambient.




ABSTRACT The objective of this study was to show the application of anthropometric measurements in dimensioning an earth auger used in forest plantations, aiming to offer greater comfort, safety and health for workers. Based on anthropometric measures of a sample of 250 workers who worked on a forest implantation, seven measures in the 5, 50 and 95% percentiles obtained according to the German Standard DIN 33402/81 and related to the handling of the equipment were selected. Anthropometric standards of the workers were determined with minimum and maximum limits for the variables. Regression analyses were performed to verify the correlation between some anthropometric variables. The results show that the earth auger presented irregularities in terms of height and diameter of the handle; the measurements should range from 94 to 111 cm and 2.5 to 5.0 cm, respectively, enabling it to suit 90% of the worker population. The height showed a correlation of 68% with elbow height, and 67% with the hand center with arm hanging height.

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