Analysis of the Insertion of Particular Photovoltaic Generation in the Low Voltage Installations, Under the Approach to Performance, Safety, Maintenance and Operation of the PVS


Braz. arch. biol. technol.




ABSTRACT The growing use of Photovoltaic Solar Energy in Brazil, both in power plants and in distributed generation systems, brings with it a series of practical and technical questions that are not limited to the design and project of the systems. Environmental factors and resources related to the use, operation, maintenance, decommissioning and final disposal of the equipment and components that constitute them, should be taken into consideration, so that these systems maintain an adequate performance during their lifespan granting the safety for users, properties and avoid negative environmental impacts. Within the concept of Risk Analysis within the Life Cycle of these systems, the present study addresses a perspective of the growth of the use of Solar Photovoltaic Energy in Brazil and the risks and impacts resulting from the lack of information on how good practices for a maintenance of its facilities, its performance, safety and sustainability of Photovoltaic Solar Power Generation Systems.

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