Analysis of TCP protocols for high speed networks / Analise de protocolos TCP para redes de alta velocidade




The importance of the Reno TCP protocol started operating in January 01 st, 1983. Since this milestone, there were expressive advances on data transmission technologies, such as those of optical fibers and satellite channels which allow high transmission rates on long distances. Reno TCP remains the Internet standard protocol. However, its operation presents several dificulties in networks with high bandwidth-delay product, producing poor performance due its window congestion mechanism. In order to overcome its deficiencies, several variants have been proposed with the aim of enhancing its utilization in high speed networks. These variants are generally called "High Speed Networks Protocols". Transmission chàracteristics, properties and performance evaluation are essencial to the identification of problems and avoidance of poor performance. In this dissertation a set of TCP variants protocols for high speed networks is evaluated. Several important properties of these protocols are investigated


produto banda-atraso elevado tcp/ip (protocolo de rede de computação) tcp/ip (computer network protocol) high speed networks redes de alta velocidade high bandwidth-delay product

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