Analysis of heat and mass transfer during microwave drying of food products


Brazilian Journal of Chemical Engineering




Microwave (MW) drying is a rapid dehydration technique that can be applied to specific foods. Increasing concerns over product quality and production costs have motivated the researchers to investigate and the industry to adopt microwave drying technology. The advantages of microwave drying include the following: shorter drying time, improved product quality, and flexibility in producing a wide variety of dried products. Drying is influenced by heat and mass transfer between drying airflow and product, as well as the complex moisture transport processes which take place in the product.. This paper presents an analytical approach for the drying of potato. The laws of moisture content change in the food product as a function of mass transfer are used for the theoretical approach. The study gives a brief description of efforts made to obtain basic drying parameters under different microwave drying conditions. This computational method can be used as a tool for microwave drying of potato slabs more efficiency.

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