Analysis of generation and characterization of construction and demolition waste on construction sites in the city of Recife, Brazil


Matéria (Rio J.)




ABSTRACT In order to planning the Construction and Demolition Waste (CDW) management approach on a construction site, it is necessary to have a prior knowledge of what is being generated (qualitative analysis), the quantity that is being generated (quantitative analysis), and what is the proper final destination assigned to this material. This article proposes a new method to estimate CDW generation in Brazil from a qualitative and quantitative analysis of CDW generation in worksites. For the waste characterization, it was used the compression test with energy of Standard Proctor Test, granulometric analysis, microstructure analysis and direct shear tests. For the quantitative data collection, the research was limited to worksites of residential or commercial multi-story buildings, with reinforced concrete structure, which is the most common type used in Brazil. The data on the number of waste bins removed monthly, transportation and final disposal, CDW management costs, and constructive process were obtained from the construction companies.

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