Analise qualitativa dos aspectos emocionais e vivenciais de pacientes idosos portadores de retocolite ulcerativa inespecifica em atendimento ambulatorial




Ever since the early Ages, it is common knowledge that feelings and emotions resonate in the body. Throughout the centuries, the advance of medicine has brought to light the knowledge of existing mechanisms through which emotions can give rise to the process of getting sick. The objective of this study was to understand the emotional aspects, such as anxiety, fear and rage of patients aged between 51 and 74 with Unspecified Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory intestinal disease of unknown etiology. We also aim to make the results of the present study available to patients? family members and health professionals as a means to raise their awareness of the relevance of emotional aspects to the rise and evolution of the illness. The Method chosen to carry out the study was the Qualitative-Clinical Method; eight (08) patients of both sexes were studied. The investigative procedure consisted of semi-direct interviews of open questions; taking into consideration the patients? accounts on the changes occurred in their lives before and after the illness manifested itself. The theoretical reference point used for the interpretation of the results was based on the usual concepts of Medical Psychology and Psychosomatic Medicine and of the Comprehensible Explanatory Psychology and Phenomenology of JASPERS, K. Following the evaluation of the emotional aspects these patients mentioned in their testimonials, we concluded that they have great influence on the manifestation of the illness, and that psychotherapy, as an instrument of support for the clinical treatment, should be applied to offer them a new means of understanding the causes of their suffering in the search for a way to deal with the disease and the conflicts it brings along, regardless of which resources they may have available to do so


colite ulcerativa ulcerative colitis medicina psicossomatica psychossomatic medicine ulcerative retocolitis retocolite ulcerativa

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