Analise multi-resolução na determinação do desgaste de ferramentas em torneamento




The purpose of this work is to show the results of the developing of a technique aimed to determine the roughness in finished turned parts, in order to automatically establish the end of tool life.This technique uses simple mathematical transformations, applied on the accelerations signals got at the tool-holder. Oue to the easy implementation, it is possible the operation in real time, just helping the operator or even in the case of unatended machining. The system is based in applying a transformation to the accelerating signal obtained in the tool- holder to get the correspondent displacement signal, and after this, mapping this time domain signal to the time-scale domain, using Oaubechies wavelets. In the time-scale domain the most representatives scales (in respect to the tool wear sensibility, and, so, to the part roughness) are selected. These wavelets are inverted back to a time-representation and statistical methods (RMS) are used, making possible the determination of a index that is associate to the wear of the cutting tool. The software was developed in C++, implementing the discrete wavelet transform Oaubechies 04, as all the temporal transformations (integral and mean factor correction), and all other simples statistical procedures. This system was experimented in a different cutting conditions in turning operations in a Laboratory in of the College of Mechanical Engineering (UNICAMP) , showing excellent correlation between the real tool wear and the calculated one


processamento de sinais - analise espectral maquinas-ferramenta - monitoramento ondas (fisica)

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