Análise estatística das variáveis de manejo do camarão marinho Litopenaeus vannamei (Boone, 1931), na fase berçário




The objective to maximize the survival of the post-larvae (PL) of the marine shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei being related with the variable of handling (density of stockage of the post-larvae, month of culture, days of culture, nurseries and laboratories supplying of the post-larvae) when cultivated in the nurseries. They had been 65 data of culture of a commercial farm located in the state of Rio Grande do Norte corresponding to the period from october 2004 to march 2007. The post-larvae (PL) were storage in nursery with densities varied from 12 to 64 PL/L in a period of five to 19 days. The system of culture adopted in the nursery phase was the intensive with capacity of 50.000 liters, with system of aeration and draining independents. The supplying of the tanks was made using water of the canal of supplying of the fisheries. The feeding used was to the base of biomass of artêmia and commercial ration with 40% of rude protein, and was managed of daily of two in two hours. To relate the survival of the post-larvae with the culture variable it was used multiple regression, where its parameters had been esteem on the base of the minimization the sum of square of residues. The selection of variable was carried through using the process of Stepwise Forward, establishing value 3 of statistics F of Snedecor of entrance and exit, associated the Montgomery and Peck to minimize the sum of square of residues. To verify the adequacy of the modelto the data, the linearity,normality and homogeneity for the residues had been the analysis of variance (ANOVA) and analysis residues. Thus, to the shape a survival of the post-larvae of the marine shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei in the nursery phase, with the variable of handling, it was gotten R2= 60,81%, and through the ANOVA is verified that the level of probability of rejection of the model was very small. It was concluded that we can shape the survival with the culture parameters, where the origin of the post-larvae, the time of culture and the density influence of significant form inthe survival and send regards to the producer that it uses PL of the laboratories LFPL2, LFPL3, LFPL4 e LFPL7, therefore with certainty it will get success in its production.


stepwise forward litopenaeus vannamei exatas e da terra biometria box e cox

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