Analise energetica global de um complexo petroquimico / Total site analysis of a petrochemical complex




The constant search of energy costs reduction in the petrochemical industry, provided the development of new energy optimization methodologies, which Pinch Analysis stand out. However, the goods results achieved in single process, with this methodology, were not materialised at the site boundary. This problem is caused by the interdependence of the processes and the utility sistem, that are neglected. The present work presents the Total Site Analysis, that extends Pinch Analysis from process leveI to site level, including the utilitiy system as a part of the problem, providing a better understanding of process-utility interface, and increasing the potential of energy profit. The methodology is based on the site s Thermal Profiles, build from Pinch Analysis of each individual process, and its interaction with the utilities system, that makes possible the determination of the targets of fuel consumption, steam, refrigeration, cogeneration work and emissions of the site. With these targets, is possible to obtain a clear diagnostic of the energy efficiency of the site, showing optimization possibilities, for even units with a high degree of integration and energy efficiency. The work presents a special approach to handle the imported and exported utilities by the site s utilities central. The Total Site Analysis is applied to a raw material and utilities central of a Petrochemical Complex, for calculation of its energy targets. Also, a series of studies is carried through, approaching stops of units; start-up of new units; process modifications; and utilities system modifications. The results confirm the methodology as tll excellent analysis tool, that can be used as in the initial phase of the project, to assist the construction of the best energy configuration ofthe site, as in existing sites, to analyse site s energy profile impacts, caused by changes in the processes


total site heat and electric power cogeneration industria petroquimica energy industries pinch energia eletrica e calor - cogeração energia - industria processos quimicos energia - conservação

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