Análise dos procedimentos e critérios de implantação de feixes de raios X de referência ISO 4037 em baixas energias


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




According to the radiological protection principles, practices involving ionizing radiation must be planned and carried out under the guarantee that the values of individual doses, the number of people exposed to radiation and the probability of accidental exposures are as low as reasonably achievable. Therefore, radiation dosimetry is required to be done with reliable instruments designed for measuring dosimetric quantities. The reliability of the dosimetry depends on both the calibration of the dosimeter and its proper performance under certain test conditions. The International Standardization Organization (ISO), in order to promote international standardization and metrological coherency, established sets of reference X-ray beams for dosimeter calibration and typing-test; they are expected to be implemented in metrology laboratories in compliance with specific technical requirements. At low energies there are specific requirements that need to be considered in both the implementation of the reference beams and their use in calibration and testing. The present study is an analysis of the procedures and criteria for ISO 4037 reference radiation implementation, at low energies. In the Dosimeter Calibration Laboratory of the Development Center of Nuclear Technology (LCD / CDTN), experiments were performed for determining the X-ray reference radiation parameters. Alternatives to the usual methods for half-value layer determination were studied. Spectra of reference beams were simulated with software and compared with experimental measurements. Different climatic conditions were reproduced in the Laboratory for analysis of its influence on the determination of the beam parameters. Uncertainties in the measurements of studied parameters were evaluated. According to the ISO 4037 criteria, the low energy X-ray beams were considered to be implemented; they allowed the determination of the conversion coefficients from air kerma to the operational radiation protection quantities.


radiologia medica radiation protection dosimetry calibration dosimeters safety standards x-ray detection radioproteção dosimetria calibração normas de segurança detecção de raio x

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