Analise dos fatores associados as mudanças na cobertura da terra no Vale do Ribeira atraves da integração de dados censitarios e de sensoriamento remoto




In this study, we will do an analysis of the factors associated with the land cover change and deforestation processes in the Ribeira Valley watershed, a region that concentrates the biggest remnants of the Brazilian Atlantic Forest. The objectives of this study are: 1) make a description of the different factors (or characteristics) associated with the processes of land cover and deforestation (demographic and socio-economic factors, topography, road infra-structure, conservation units) in different spatial scales: region, subregions, municipalities and zoning categories; 2) make an analysis of the factors associated with the land cover and deforestation processes, at the level of the census tracts. The methodology for the analysis is the integration of socio-demographic data (from demographic census) and land cover data (from classified satellite images), in a geographic information system (GIS).


mata atlantica desmatamento sistemas de informação geografica sensoriamento remoto

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