Análise do nível de aderência do modelo conceitual do sistema de custos às teorias da contabilidade de custo: experiência no governo federal para configuração e implantação do sistema de informações de custos - SIC / Analysis of the grip level of the conceptual model of the system cost the theories of cost accounting: information systems cost - SIC




This study outlines the objectives, guidelines, conceptual model and process developed for Deployment Information System Costs Federal Government (CIS), describing and explaining the conceptual framework and main characteristics, the approach in three dimensions (Conceptual, technological and cultural), the reasons to the procedures used in their construction, working on the correspondence between the concepts of government accounting and bookkeeping cost and reveals their level of adherence to theories of Cost Accounting. The work was to identify and present the proposal system configuration information costs (CIS) to be adopted by Brazil under the Federal Public Administration as a solution conciliatory to the actors involved, and analyze and reveal the level of adherence to the theories of the CIS Cost Accounting, for this purpose was developed exploratorydescriptive bailing on bibliographical and documents; information collection by applying the interview techniques and direct observation intensive; and analysis of data collected, the technique content analysis. The implementation process deployment that is still ongoing. The importance CIS is emphasized as a factor in measuring costs, improving the quality of public spending inductor and vector construction of mentality Federal Public Administration costs that will be great leap of asset management and bureaucratic for management administration.


contabilidade de custos informações de custos administração pública contabilidade e financas publicas cost accounting cost information public administration

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