Análise do impacto das condições de rodovias pavimentadas na renovação da frota de transporte rodoviário de carga




The insufficiency of investments in transportation reflects the low quality of the road pavements that tends to make a negative impact on the profitability of trucks. The profitability of a truck can be measured through the calculation of its economic life that depends on the costs of the operation, maintenance and capital. The models of substitution of equipment that are limited to the calculation of the average cost of the maintenance of the vehicle, not taking into account the quality of the pavement. The present research has the aim of testing the hypothesis that the quality of the pavement makes an impact on the economic life and the profitability of vehicles that belong to a cargo company. Three routes graded as great/good, deficient and bad have been analyzed (CNT, 2004). We have considered a truck with the same brand and model that transits distinctively on the three routes chosen in this research. The results that have been found show that the quality of the pavement really makes an impact on the economic life of a truck and, consequently, on its profitability. The results have been confirmed with the chi-square test. Furthermore, from the comparative calculation between the costs of the routes in relation to the prices of the freight done by the cargo company, the analysis of the break-even point has been applied. Not surprisingly, the road routes of relatively low quality are associated with break-even points of higher monetary value, causing freight to be comparatively higher. Given the fact, one can say that the quality of the pavement tends to interfere with the final price of the transported goods. In other words, given the fact that there are significant differences in the value of the break-even points for the different routes that have been analyzed, one can say that the social cost brought by the quality of the pavement is not to be ignored.


transporte rodoviário de cargas infra-estrutura de transportes qualidade de rodovias renovação de frota

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