Análise de veículos para atividades agrícolas por meio do consumo de combustível e torque na tomada de potência


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




While investing a new tractor that can live up to their demands, the agrobusiness entrepreneur encounters the difficult task of making a rational choice between different models from different manufacturers. The aim of this work is to develop a tool that provides information for the theoretical comparison between demands of torque and power in a tractor field work, as well as the results of conventional dynamometer tests. Tests were performed in laboratory, with commercial tractors of varied marks and models, with a dynamometric bench connected to power take-off according to ¿Code 2¿ - Standard Code for the Official Testing of Agricultural Tractors. These tests determine, among others characteristics, the specific fuel consumption in the different situations required by standard. In the field, a successive sets of tests are executed registering levels of torque and engine rotation, which are necessary to characterize a performance profile in the accomplishment of different activities performed by an agricultural tractor.The same apparatus of measurement adopted for laboratory tests was used for field tests, with the exception of fuel consumption measurement, engine rotation and demanded torque. The latter makes use of a digital telemetry system. Statistical studies were carried to investigate the uncertainties of the measurements associated with the set of sensors, transducers and data acquisition system used in the tests.The results achieved in the different laboratory tests form a database of technical information.The statistical analysis of the data allowed the establishment of limits to validate the developed measurement system; and the comparison between laboratory and field results. Following this methodology can assist in a rational decision making among the different models of agricultural tractor.


onboard instrumentation tratores agrícolas : ensaios máquinas agrícolas agricultural measures of torque test in agricultural tractor biodiesel agricultural machines

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