Análise de sustentabilidade dos padrões de uso e ocupação do solo dos municípios costeiros do litoral centro e centro-norte de Santa Catarina




The collection and analysis of indicators relevant to reality environmental, social, economic, political and culture is of high importance to implement an evaluation system that is consistently and leads to understanding the reality of the coastal zone, thus providing support for Plans of Coastal Zone Management. So, indicators of sustainable development are tools for measurement consisting of one or more variables that linked through various forms, reveal a broader meanings of the phenomena to which they relate. They are essential tools to guide the action and support the monitoring and evaluation of progress achieved towards sustainable development. Together with the indicators of development sustainable, seeking to add aggregate and updated information is the characterization and analysis of use of land through satellite images, providing a quick source of regional information, allowing planning in advance and on a practical and organized manner. The methodology used in this project is recent and innovative in the coastal management field, because it looks for resolve the limitations of studies of particular cases, and meets with the requirements of reproducibility, standardization, integration and capability to predict. Being designed specifically for South American coastal cities by researchers of three Latin American universities with the support of UNESCO. This work aims to develop a predictive model, complete, multifunctional of inter-relationships generated by economic development and the natural processes of coastal areas, using satellite images together with socioeconomic indicators and environmental. It will be a dynamic model of growth that will analyze and monitor over time the economic and ecological sustainability of any area in regional scale. The proposal for this study is to use the coastal areas of the center and center-north region of Santa Catarina to check the feasibility and accuracy when analysing the sustainability of the region as well as test models from other countries in order to compare the results. The resultant model will permit understand the current patterns of coastal land use and may be determined its likely long-term sustainability through the analysis of the effects of patterns and natural processes that maintain the environmental quality, as well as analyzing the current management and identify problems that should be included in a future programm of management coastal for the area of Santa Catarina


indicadores coastal management indicators santa catarina santa catarina land use oceanografia sustainable development planejamento costeiro ocupação do solo desenvolvimento sustentável

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