AnÃlise de projeto de turbina eÃlica de grande porte para as condiÃÃes climÃticas da regiÃo Nordeste do Brasil




The main aim of this work is to quantify the modifications on the energy generation and extreme and fatigue loads of a wind turbine operating particularly in a well concentrated wind speed distribution near to the mean value. This particular meteorological condition is commonly found in the Northeast region of Brazil. The wind speed distribution is modeled in this dissertation using Weibull statistical function, where it is possible to adjust its shape factor k. The wind turbine used as reference for the analysis in this dissertation is the OWW- 250, which is installed in the Test Center for Wind Turbines of the Brazilian Wind Energy Centre â UFPE, in Olinda. The wind turbine is a stall regulated wind turbine type, constant speed and constant frequency that is directly connected to the local network. The forces that contribute to fatigue are represented as equivalent loads. The equivalent loads takes in to account the turbulence and they are calculated using synthetic time series of wind speed applied to the machine. The extreme loads are considered static loads and they are represented as the maximum in three seconds related to the wind gust, with a recurrence period of fifty years. Additionally, the annual energy generation is estimated taking into account the wind turbine power curve and the wind speed distribution. The results showed that wind speed distributions with higher shape factor increase the fatigue loads, although these conclusions showed extremely dependent of the assumed parameters. The higher shape factor showed a small reduction in the power production of similar wind turbines installed in sites with lower annual average wind speeds. The extreme loads, however, presented a great variation, inversely proportional to the shape factor k, that is favorable to the design of wind turbines specifically to operate in similar wind speed distributions of the northeast region of Brazil


condiÃÃes climÃticas turbina eÃlica - projeto nordeste do brasil engenharia nuclear

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