Análise de indicadores para avaliação de desempenho econômico-financeiro de operadoras de planos de saúde brasileiras: uma aplicação da análise fatorial / Analysis of indicators for evaluation of economic-financial performance of operators of Brazilian plans of health: an application of the factorial analysis




The private health sector in Brazil has gone through changes since the passing of Law 9656, and the creation of ANS - Agencia Nacional de Saúde Suplementar (National Supervisor for Private Health Assistance) in the year 2000, both responsible for the implementation of market regulation. This led to criteria for the creation and functioning of OPS’s – Operadoras de Plano de Saúde (HMO’s). ANS created the Program of Qualification of Private Health Providers, aiming at improving the quality of services rendered by the OPS’s and at priviledging transparency in the results of the evaluation of the system. In order to evaluate and constantly control the performance of OPS’s, ANS selected economic and financial indicators to classify the extent of the financial and economic quality of the Program. This study aimed at examining whether these traditional indicators selected by ANS are relevant in the evaluation of the performance of OPS’s, in comparison with the indicators suggested by the literature in the area, and selected by means of the statistic technique of FA – Factor Analysis. The research took into account data provided by financial statements relating to 2004, of 211 OPS’s including group assistance, medical cooperative, philanthropy and self-management, with data available in the ANS database. The indicators were used with the 211 OPS’s, and the statistic studies were carried out with the use of Excel, by Microsoft, and the software SPSS 13.0. Initially, FA was applied to the set of 10 indicators, so as to reduce and select them, and they were narrowed down to two main factors. FA was also applied to the set of 8 indicators used by ANS, to check the possibility of reduction, and the result reached was 2 main factors. The study showed that the factors found by FA in both uses consisted of 5 indicators, which may compose the evaluation and classification of economic and financial performance of these enterprises. After that, the OPS’s were first classified with the traditional indicators selected by FA, and then with the indicators used by ANS. The classification obtained according with the indicators used by ANS was compared with the one obtained through the traditional indicators appointed by FA. The results obtained point to very close classification of OPS’s. Thus, according to the sample used and the analises performed, we can consider that the indicators chosen by ANS are relevant to evaluate and classify the performance of OPS’s.


avaliação de desempenho indicadores de produtividade planos de sistemas de saúde factorial analysis contabilidade financeira financial accounting indicators of productivity análise fatorial evaluation of performance plans of health systems

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