AnÃlise de eficiÃncia de pequenos meios de hospedagem da Estrada Real / Analysis of the efficiency of small hosting establishments along the Royal Road




This study was carried out aiming to identify the economical-financial efficiency of small hosting establishments (SHE) along the Estrada Real (the Royal Road) through the Data Envelopment Analysis ( DEA) methodology , so as to investigate the existence of homogeneity in the management efficiency in such establishments, build comparative efficacy levels (productive, technical and scale); analyze the enterprisesâ risk and reward and, finally, map up new efficiency patterns for the SHEâs taken as âinefficientâ in the SÃo JoÃo del-Rei and Tiradentes region. For that purpose a quantitative analysis was carried out, with exploratory aims, of segmentâs historical information, bookkeeping and account statements of the small tourism-related enterprises, over the year of 2008. The sample evidenced that productive efficacy is barely homogeneous. Once the differences inherent to the nature of each one of the decision-making units became known, the rising of large efficiency discrepancies was expected. Nevertheless, that was not verified. In the analysis of the SHEâs technical efficiency, the financial management question proved to be quite homogeneous, as 50% of the analyzed endeavors were classified as 100% efficient, management-wise. However the scale inefficiency was verified through 83.66% of the sample. Several decision-making units (DMU) taken as inefficient offered high risk to the entrepreneurs while several efficient DMUâs offered high rewards and low risk. The DEA, allied to the analysis of risk and reward contributes to a better adaptation of a economical-financial management of the âinefficientâ enterprises and, consequently, to the increase in competitiveness of the intangible product ER (RR). This is not a revolutionary study: the call for analysis rises from a research-thirsty segment in which the universe of possibilities remains unknown.


royal road turismo meios de hospedagem estrada real anÃlise de eficiÃncia analysis of the efficiency hosting establishments

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