Analise das ações de jogos de voleibol e suas implicações para o treinamento tecnico-tatico da categoria infanto-juvenil feminina(16 e 17 anos)




The practice of physical training in team sports contemplates scientifically structured methodologies and solid theorical referential. Otherwise, the same proceedings cannot be noted on technical and tactical training, either, the interventions are realized simply in agreement with that the coaches believe being essential in a right time. The studies about performances and its demands became a good option to reach the training optimization on the aspects above mentioned, which are very important but did not yet obtain enough scientific approach. In this study, 16 volleyball matches (56 games) from the women-under 17 class were filmed, and all the actions were analyzed in quantitative (totals and percentages) and qualitative forms (indexes of errors, efficiency and efficacy). It was developed a specific instrument for these analysis, validated by the Kappa Statistical Index. The Chi-Square was also used to test if there were significantly differences among the actions realized by the players in these games. The results evidenced that the Receiver-Hitters has a higher demand on spike, and the Universal-Spikers has the best indexes in this drill. On block it was evidenced the need for a training that aims the tactical and collective aspect of this drill, thus all the players had very similar results in all analysis. On defense and reception it was clearly evident the higher demands and the best indexes of Liberos. These data show that the players analyzed begins to show some specialization characters visible in high level volleyball athletes, either the technical and tactical training which they are submitted takes to this specialization, and the literature about the theme don t do many objections about it, asserting that many of their indicators support a training with these characteristics with no great harm or losses for them.


volleyball tactics tatica volleyball voleibol infanto-juvenil mulheres atletas voleibol voleibol

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