Análise da gestão descentralizada da assistência farmacêutica:um estudo em municipios baianos.




This dissertation, in Bahia SUSs context, analyzes the pharmacy decentralized management assistance intending to know the cities facilitator and interferes factors. It considers procedural predominate view about pharmacy assistance, informed by a functionalist conceptual logic, in which medicines supplier condition opposes the strategy quality of drugs reasonable use. The relation between the related situation and the limited pharmacy assistance knowledge results in technical- managerial activities contrasting the politics and strategists pursuits or activities in which participation, autonomy and sustainability are included in the results. This inquiry was made using two research strategies: an extensive, prepared from evaluation of the pharmacy assistance management results on Pharmacy Assistance Research and Studies Centre of the UFBA Pharmacy School (NEPAF) realized in two cities of Bahia as a draft study to appraise the theoretical a methodological model to exanimate the basic pharmacy assistance. The other strategy, more extensive, post NEPAFs evaluation, used partly structured interviews, with key informant in both cities, questing to find the determinant factors of the pharmacy assistance and the results further showed. Entirety leading cities Counsels documents and laws were also analyzed to know about federal, estate and cities management and politics. The results confirms the reduced pharmacy assistance presupposition as a drugs provider is in a assistance logistic way, contradicting the deciding *the behavior of healthy professionals in a pharmacy management technical focused in the medicine not the user.


avaliação assessment gestão da saúde health management gestão da assistência farmacêutica administracao publica pharmacy assistence management

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