Análise comparativa da expressão dos genes Dapper (Dpr) durante a ontogênese dos membros de camundongo (Mus musculus C57BL/6) e galinha (Gallus gallus) / Comparative analysis of Dapper (Dpr) gene expression during limbs ontogeny of mouse (Mus musculus C57BL/6) and chicken (Gallus gallus)




Among the molecules involved in molecular signaling during development, those involved in the Wnt and TGF-ß pathways are particularly important. Studies have shown that the Dapper protein family (Dpr) can modulate Wnt and TGF-ß signaling. The Dpr gene family consists of three members: Dpr1, Dpr2 and Dpr3 in zebrafish, mice and humans, and only two: Dpr1 and Dpr2, in birds. Dpr genes have been associated with morphogenetic movements during gastrulation, mesoderm specification, morphogenesis of the brain, heart and eyes. Despite the great relevance of this gene family during development, little is known about the expression pattern of the Dpr genes in mammals and birds. This research project had as main aims to characterize the expression pattern of the Dpr genes during mouse embryonic development and, in more detail, their expression during limb ontogenesis in mouse and chicken embryos. The expression pattern was determined by in situ hybridization in whole mount and in paraffin sections. To allow comparisons, were performed in situ hybridization with markers for the development of cartilage, tendon and muscle. Our results indicate that Dpr genes are expressed in six key areas (genital tubercle, limbs, nose, somites, brain and physiological umbilical hernia) during development of mouse. The expression pattern in the limbs strongly suggests that the Dpr genes work in limbs development in chicken and mouse embryos. However, the expression pattern of these genes is different in these two organisms. Dpr1 seems to be involved in joint and perichondrium formation during limb development in mouse and chicken embryos. For Dpr2, the expression was diffuse during limb development in mouse embryos. In contrast, chicken Dpr2 has localized expression in the digits and joints. Dpr3 gene has diffuse expression during limb development. However, its expression domains suggest that Dpr3 is related to digits and joints development


genes dapper desenvolvimento embrionário extremidades - crescimento e desenvolvimento camundongo galinha chicken dapper embryonic development extremities mouse

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