An Outbreak of Intestinal Obstruction by Ascaridia Galli in Broilers in Minas Gerais


Braz. J. Poult. Sci.




ABSTRACT Industrial broilers raised on helminthic medication-free feed were diagnosed with a severe disease caused by Ascaridia galli, characterized by intestinal hemorrhage and obstruction. A. galli was identified based on the morphological features of the nematode. Broilers were raised for a longer period (63 days) for weight recovery, grouped as stunted (n=500), had low body score and had fetid diarrhea. The duodenum-jejunum segment was the most severely affected with obstruction and had localized accumulation of gas. The intestinal mucosa was severely congested with petechial and suffusive hemorrhages. The outbreak resulted in morbidity of about 10% and mortality of up to 4% and was associated to the absence of preventive medication on feed and slack biosecurity. The reemergence of A. galli is discussed in view of the alternative poultry management and raising conditions for drug free and welfare.

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