An investigation of factors influencing performance of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): applications in transportation


J. Transp. Lit.




Abstract This study investigates the effect of speed, tag and reader location, vehicle speed, and over-shadowing on RFID performance. The study tested two reader/antenna heights and three tag locations. Three vehicle speeds were tested for each tag location including the simultaneous placement of RFID tags on the vehicle. The study results show, with tags individually placed on the vehicle, the appropriate position for a tag is on the vehicle windshield, and the reader/antenna set at 7ft above the ground on a signpost. Placing multiple tags on the vehicle simultaneously improved the signal strength and detection rates. Vehicle speed had a negative effect on tag detection rate; that is, at higher vehicle speeds the detection rate decreased. With respect to horizontal distance between the reader and the tag, the results show that, the closer the tag and reader are to each other the higher the signal strength and so is the detection rate.

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