An exploratory study about rural school from Viçosa-MG: knowledge and teachers practices / Um estudo exploratório sobre a escola rural em Viçosa-MG: saberes e práticas docentes




This work discusses the education in Viçosa/MG municipality rural schools and it had the general objective of to analyze and to interpret the know and the conceptions that advise the educational practices in those spaces. The urbanocentric trajectory of rural schools opposes to the social movements of field education that understand the education as strategic element of sustainable local development. Rural educative conceptions express relations and tensions between the field and city and retake the discussion around the ruralidades. Methodologically, this work was developed throughout the year of 2007, together with two university extension projects, and it privileged what is called face by face interaction, with the researcher s insert in the atmosphere to be investigated and the constant contact with their informers. This possibilities to understand, through the analyses of the informations, that the teachers social trajectory send to the rural way and the rural schools how a space of the difficulty strongly marked by the isolation and solitude. The work conditions in the rural schools of Viçosa moved away from the reality pointed for the bibliographical references of Field Education, so predominate the urban knowing, the isolation, the lack of pedagogical aid and the secondary treatment, therefore its not thinking thought about the school, the education of the rural school. The professional profile of the teachers of these schools can be understood by the proper social trajectory of these subjects, therefore this trajectory foments its practical, makes possible or limits of different forms the transposition of difficulties.


educacao rural saberes teachers practices knowledge rural school práticas docentes escola rural

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