Amorphous ferrous sulfide as a reducing agent for culture of anaerobes.


Amorphous ferrous sulfide, prepared by reacting ferrous ammonium sulfate and sodium sulfide, is an excellent reducing agent for the culture of anaerobes. It reduces resazurin and reacts much more rapidly with O2 than does either soluble sulfide (HS)- or cysteine. One of the end products of the oxidation of ferrous sulfide with O2 is red and serves as an indicator for the oxygen contamination of a culture medium. Amorphous ferrous sulfide served as a suitable reducing agent for the growth of species of Methanobacterium or Clostridium. Its use is recommended for enrichment or culture of anaerobes (e.g. autotrophs, fermentative organisms) from sediments and other habitats were organic reducing agents are undesirable and where soluble sulfide might be toxic.

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