Amor e gozo na lírica portuguesa do século XVII / Love and jouissance in the portuguese poetry of XVIIth




This thesis has as its main goal to analyze the literary period known as Baroque in Portugal, relating poetry of this period to the concepts of jouissance and love in Psychoanalysis. Through a thorough bibliographical research, the concept of Baroque and its major features have been established. To acquire the knowledge of the concept of jouissance in the psychoanalytic theory, first the research contains the reading of two fundamental texts by Freud that talk about the drive: Drive and its Vicissitudes and Beyond the Pleasure Principle. The following theoretical analyzed is Lacan, that resumes and expands this Freudian concept until it reaches his final Lacanian theory about jouissance. At last, the Portuguese poetry of the XVI century is carefully observed through the concepts of love and jouissance


literaturas estrangeiras modernas literatura portuguesa história e crítica - séc. xvii barroco jouissance gozo love portuguese literature baroque amor poesia portuguesa séc. xvii psicanálise psicanálise literatura portuguesa gozo psychoanalysis amor na literatura

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