Ambiente de simulação de redes a eventos discretos




This work presents Hydragyrum, a tool for the simulation, design and teaching of communication systems. Hydragyrum is an application that allows the development of new communication system element models. Hydragyrum has a modular structure composed of processing nucleus (Kernel), models and interfaces that allow easy model set extension. The communication system is interpreted as a set of interconnected blocks that schedule and exchange events to accomplish the simulation. The tool development aimed at professional application, in companies involved with communication system project, as well as, at educational use, for distance learning courses and self-learning, due to the ease of use of the graphic environment in which the tool was built. In traffic modeling a new self-similar model and a multifractal traffic model are presented. ATM network models are developed allowing the simulation of several aspects of an ATM network performance, such as, data transport, traffic management and network dimensioning.


redes de computação telecomunicações sistemas de telecomunicação

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