Ambient education in the initial formation of professors. / Educação ambiental na formação inicial de professores.




The objective of this work is to argue Superior Education, privileged space of the scientific work, in specific the Courses of Licenciatura, the perspective of a formation human being, politics and professional whom the Ambient Education incorporates, understood as educative process of search of new values, sensations and perceptions, in and for the natural and social environment. In this direction we develop our research in a Communitarian Institution of Superior Education, located in the Southeastern region of the State of São Paulo. To understand the object, we search subsidies in the Federal Constitution (1988), in the Law of Lines of direction and Bases LDB (BRAZIL, 1996a), in the National Curricular Parameters PCN (BRAZIL, 1996b) and in the National Politics of Ambient Education (BRAZIL, 1999). By means of half-structuralized questionnaires, we collect given with researchers of the Work group in Ambient Education of the National Association of Pós- Graduação in Education (ANPEd) and with professors who act in the Courses of Licenciatura of the studied Institution. Our theoretical option was especially based on Noronha (2002) and Tozoni-Reis (2004) what in it allowed them to reflect concerning the reconstruction of the time-space in the classroom and of the construction of other spaces with on pedagogical ends to one to know to make politician, in the defense of common interests. We conclude that for having partial agreement of the National Politics of Ambient Education, it has divergences how much to the development of the Ambient Education in Superior Education and convergences in that if it relates to its necessity. However, we find as common base to the necessary formation of the educator I criticize and we defend that this formation occurs with the incorporation of the estimated ones of the Ambient Education in Superior Education.


educacao formation of professors formação de professores ambient education ensino superior educação ambiental superior education

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