Amamentação do recem-nascido pre-termo : olhar materno




his work is an exploratory-descriptive study with qualitative approach that aims to unrnask breast-feeding of the premature baby, having as informer the woman/mother. For a better understanding of the process of maternal breast-feeding, we carried out a revision of literature on: social-historic and cultural aspects of breast-feeding; the anatomy of the breast and the physiology of the lactation; aspects of the new-bom on term and pre-term with the intention of establishing parameters of normal development and what can be found in relation to the premature; we have also revised the maternity and the meaning of the prematurity for the parents. The chosen theoretical referential was the human care and the net of social support. Having as general objective: to identify the motherly difficulties in relation to breast-feeding ofpre-term new-born in the Neonatal lCU of a private hospital; and as specific objectives: 1- to compare their speech and practice in relation to PTNB; 2- to describe the strategies used by the mothers for the maintenance of the lactation, and 3- to identify the net of social support. For collection of data we use halfstructured interviews recorded at two distinct moments: before breast-feeding and afier breast-feeding. We have also used participative observation and the construction ofthe map of personal social netoThe analysis of thematic content was the chosen strategy to analyse the data, ftom where it emerged three sensorial nuclei: 1-Unmasking the process of feeding of the PTNB, through which we were able to identify that the difficulties and strategies used by the women/mothers ofPTNB s are very similar to those used by the mothers of NB s on term, also when it comes to their culpability facing failures; 2. Unmasking the support net, we were able to identify the needs of the women/mothers in being well taken care of in order to become good care takers themselves, in such nets we also include the health team which takes care and relates to the binomial: baby/mother; 3. Playing the role ofbeing mother, in this nucleus we notice that the womanlmother only feels like a mother when she has the chance oftaking care ofher baby and by offering a product that only she is capable of supplying the maternal milk. From the understanding of this process, proposals are elaborated with the intention of minimising the difficulties of them women/mothers, mainly regarding staff qualification which takes care of this binomial: baby/mother; and its family.


prematuros mãe e lactente amamentação

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