Alterações semelhantes a displasia fibromuscular (ADSFM) em vasos mesentericos : um fenomeno de remodelamento?




The study of vascular diseases is of growing importance, since cardiovascular diseases are one of the most important causes of death. Arterial remodelling is a non-specific phenomenon due to various different pathological processes. The aim ofthis study was to investigate adventitial fibromuscular dysplasia-like lesions (FMDLL) in mesenteric arteries and to analyze its relationship with age, gender, arterial hypertension, previous surgery, diabetes mellitus, smoking, neoplasia, Hirschsprung s disease, or other abdominal diseases. Mesenteric vessels fram 379 patients were collected from surgical pathology specimensor ftom autopsies. In each case a minimum of 20 sections of arteries were studied. Sections were stained with hematoxylin-eosin, Masson s trichrome and Van Gieson s stain. Arterial diameterswere measured by ocular micrometer. The extend of the presence of aberrant fiber bundles was expressed as the grade ftaction ofthe compromised adventitia with the help of an ocular angular divisions. The arteries had internal diameters between 0,1 cm and 0,7 cm. The adventitial layerwas affected between 1 and 360 degrees. In a logistic regression model, age and the presence ofHirschsprung s disease, as accompanying disease, were the only independent predictive factors for the presence of this phenomenon. A1though isolately seen blood glucose levels, systolic or diastolic blood pressure, showed significant correlations with the proportion of affected vessels, only the age of the patient was finally related to the presence of this phenomenon, ( as showed in partial correlations)


envelhecimento idade arteria

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