Alimentación y cultura en España: una aproximación desde la antropología social


Physis: Revista de Saúde Coletiva




The food fact is essentially multidimensional: it goes between ecological, biological, psychological, socio-economic or political spaces. As other complex phenomena, today no one can deny that food should be studied from a cross-disciplinary perspective. In Spain, there are many studies made from experimental, social or human sciences that, using hyper-specialized knowledge, show nutritional, psychological or economic dimensions, e.g., of food preferences and aversions, food consumption or malnutrition. However, they are usually unidirectional approaches of the same phenomenon, supported by the frameworks of each epistemic science. Scientific collaboration includes scarcely closer disciplines. But sparing scientific intersections does not seem, as I will try to show in this paper, appropriate or useful. Especially when it is necessary to understand and solve problems, that affect social groups, operate in multiple and changing contexts.

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