Algoritmos para o planejamento da operação de sistemas modernos de distribuição de energia elétrica = : Algorithms for operation planning of modern electric distribution power systems / Algorithms for operation planning of modern electric distribution power systems


IBICT - Instituto Brasileiro de Informação em Ciência e Tecnologia




The distribution system operation planning stage is concerned with the determination of capacitor bank, transformer and voltage regulator settings. This must be accomplished considering active and reactive power injections of distributed generators and at the main substation, as well as physical and regulatory issues in order to improve the network performance. This is a quite complex Optimal Power Flow (OPF) problem because it involves technical factors such as steady state voltage regulation, economic factors such as losses reduction and energy bids from independent power producers. This work proposes two approaches to solve this operation planning problem. The first one uses a genetic algorithm similar to that developed by Chu and Beasley, however with a different strategy to create the initial population. This algorithm can provide good quality solutions and in some cases even optimal solutions. The second one is based on the use of sensitivities, where good quality solutions are obtained at low computing times, much lower than those obtained using the proposed genetic algorithm. Besides being applicable in short-term operation planning of distribution networks, the proposed methods could also assist the utility operator in setting up conditions for establishing contracts with independent power producers. The results presented here using radial distribution systems of 34, 70 and 135 buses demonstrated the potential of the proposed algorithms.


genetic algorithms electric power systems distributed generation of electric power sensitivity analysis algoritmos genéticos sistemas de energia elétrica - distribuição geração distribuída de energia elétrica análise de sensibilidade

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