Algoritmos para Interoperabilidade entre Ontologias / ALGORITHMS FOR ONTOLOGIES INTEROPERABILIT




Nowadays the interest for the theme ontologies has steadily increased, as it aims at to capture consensual knowledge between people and applications, allowing reusing and sharing information. With this purpose, mechanisms are demanded to guarantee semantic interoperability, that is, the identification and compatibility of information. The present study proposes to development the algorithms to interoperability among ontologies. Hence, it intends to obtain more semantic flexibility and to reach better levels of description in the information that characterize the context of a computational environment. Initially, a basic but deep study, was done about the ways of interoperability among ontologies and its applications in different environments. Formality of specification as grammatical of graphs and matrix of adjacencies to represent ontologies and the use of parsers for conversion of code OWL in representation of matrices had also been studied. The patterns Dublin Core and FOAF, were studied and used in order to address the issue of reconciliation of vocabularies. For verification of the applicability of the measure, it was shown to an example of dynamic interoperability of ontologies and an algorithm that can be applied in several scenes


ontologias matriz de adjacências owl graphs grammatical parsers mecanismos de interoperabilidade algoritmos ontology adjacencies matrix owl gramática de grafos parsers interoperability mechanisms algorithms ciencia da computacao

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